CLOSED: Cozy Mysteries

CLOSED: Women Sleuths

CLOSED: Pet Lovers Mysteries

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How the group giveaway works:


A group of 32 authors pool their resources and each give away 3 ebooks. All of the participating authors promote the heck out of the giveaway: email blast, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any social media site with an avatar and a status update. We do the same.

When the giveaway ends, we'll choose/notify the winners, then send each author the winners' contact info (to send ebooks) and a spreadsheet with entrants' emails.

Readers can win books and meet new authors. Authors can build their email lists and connect directly with readers.

Authors choose which giveaway fits their book (by genre), then request to participate by following the appropriate genre-specific link below. NOTE: We encourage authors to sign up early as we reserve the right to close a giveaway before the deadline due to an abundance of author participation requests. We’ll notify participants at least 10 days prior to the event.

Authors will receive payment and cover upload instructions. Payment must be received within 3 days of notification or the author forfeits their place in the giveaway. (Payment is only for the participation fee; authors send ebooks directly to the winners.) Once payment is received, each author will receive 2 giveaway images for sharing: 1 image specific to their book, 1 image of the entire group.

Authors agree to post the giveaway in at least 1 newsletter and on social media. We closely monitor, so authors know everyone does their fair share. We've got your back!

There is a $45 participation fee per giveaway, plus each author sends 1 ebook to 3 different winners. Indie authors can use a service like Instafreebie to distribute books, while any author can “gift” their books through Amazon or Barnes.

After the giveaway ends, we'll allow entrants to opt-out of the master email list, then send each author a spreadsheet with remaining entrants' emails. This keeps unsubs to a mininum, allowing you to build a healthy list. Keeping the giveaways targeted toward specific genres helps you build the right audience. Think quality over quantity. Authors typically receive between 300-1500 emails per giveaway.

If you don’t have an email list, why not start one? Newsletters are the best way to connect directly to readers. Your fans want to know about you and your books, especially when you have a new release, a sale/discount, or a new giveaway.

Join a giveaway by clicking one of the links below. You may apply to as many as you wish, though please choose different titles for back-to-back giveaways. If you're not ready to join but want info on future giveaways, please fill out the short form.

group giveaways

How authors participate:

What the giveaway costs:

How this builds your email list:

Thank you for your interest!

upcoming giveaways

APR 05 - 11

CLOSED: Amateur Sleuths

Amateur Sleuths Mysteries

Deadline to apply: MAR 21

- Mystery features an amateur crime fighter, which eliminates professional PIs and police detectives.

MAY 10 - 16

CLOSED: Cozy Mysteries

Cozy Mysteries

Deadline to apply: APR 21 (closed early: filled to the rim)

- Mystery on the softer side, no graphic violence, excessive language, or heavy sexual content.‍‍‍

JUN 07 - 13

CLOSED: Humorous Fiction

Humorous Fiction

Deadline to apply: MAY 17 (closed early: filled to the rim)

- The book must be funny (subjective, we know). It can be a humorous mystery, chick lit, rom com, or laugh out loud caper.

JUL 05 - 11

Pet Lovers Mysteries

Deadline to apply: JUN 14

- Mystery includes an animal like a sleuth's favored pet or an adorable sidekick (on the cover is even better, but not required). Think cozy critters and four-legged friends from gators and goats to perky pugs or curious cats.  







new releases, sales, giveaways







Women Sleuths Mysteries‍‍‍

Deadline to apply: JUL 15

SEP 13 - 19

- Mystery features a female crime fighter, whether amateur, professional, or anything in between.

PIs & Police Detectives

Deadline to apply: SEP‍‍‍ 19

OCT 11 - 17

JOIN: PIs & Police Detectives

- Mystery features a professional crime fighter, whether a private detective (can be in training) or police detective (can work for an attorney or other professional agency).

Cozy Mysteries‍‍‍

Deadline to apply: OCT 3

NOV 8 - 14

- Intriguing mysteries with‍‍‍ no graphic violence, excessive language, or heavy sexual content.